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Ramifications of COVID-19 for workers at the beginning of the supply chain

As COVID-19 unfolds and drastically affects all aspects of our lives, it has brought to light longstanding problems in global supply chains. Low wages, reliance on casual labor, gender inequality, and a lack of social protection make people at the beginning of supply chains suffer the most. Now is the time to demonstrate global solidarity and rethink our unsustainable supply chains.

On March 20, the Kenya Flower Council announced: 30,000 people working in Kenyan flower farms have been sent home. The demand for flowers has decreased, so buyers are canceling their orders and air freight has been reduced. The flowers still being sold are going for dumping prices. In a press release issued on Monday 16 March, the Dutch flower auction asked for help, warning that without support, many companies will not survive. With the flower sector being the third largest export sector of the Netherlands, this would be a big hit to the economy. But since most flowers are being produced in East and Southern Africa, it is here where the impact of COVID-19 will be felt the most.


Why you should lean into Pisa

Like many destinations that are famous for a single attraction, Pisa in Tuscany is a place where few people know what else there is to do. Get the scoop on why you should visit from Evelien Vleeshouwers, who lived in the Italian city for years.

If you are looking for day trips from Florence, make sure to include Pisa in your travel plans. Although mainly famous for its leaning tower, there is much more to see in this Tuscan city.


CSR Africa portal blooms at the Kenyan flower fair

A sea of roses, great Indian food and a dedicated team all set to improve working conditions in the flower industry. That pretty much sums up our experience at the Kenyan Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTEX), which took place from June 5 to 7 in the Oshwal Center in Nairobi.

Every year, flower growers, buyers and other stakeholders from all across East Africa, and abroad, gather at IFTEX to do business. Now, after weeks of preparation and many Skype calls, I, too, was going to be there! I met up with Andrea and Floor of the Dutch social enterprise Impact Institute at Schiphol Airport to fly to Nairobi and join our Women@Work Campaign colleagues from Hivos East Africa and the Kenyan NGO Ufadhili Trust. Our mission? To promote the CSR Africa portal amongst the nearly 200 exhibitors at the fair.