Are you thinking about buying a new camera, but you are not sure what kind to pick? Go for a system camera! This gives you the best of all worlds, without being extremely expensive or too difficult to understand. In this article, I will explain the three main benefits of this type of camera.

Changeable lenses

One of the main assets is that you can buy different lenses for the same body. That means that you can start out simple, with only one lens, and once you get the hang of it you can expand your hobby. More importantly, it means that your camera can be adjusted according to your needs. Perhaps you bought it just to shoot pictures during family occasions, but a year later you’ve booked a safari in Kenya where you want to capture the Big Five. No need for a new camera, just buy a zoom lens and you are good to go! And besides zoom lenses, they also have lenses with fun effects, such as a fish lens or a wide angel lens. Your camera will be ready for any situation!

Easy to understand

You might think that a mirrorless (or system) camera is the same as a DSLR. But if you ever hold one, you know how complicated these cameras are. Yes, they are great for a professional photographer. But if taking pictures is just a hobby or only a means of capturing memories, you probably don’t want to spend months and months trying to understand the basic settings of your camera. You will probably give up and resort to your phone, which will be a waste of your money as well as a missed opportunity to have some spectacular photos. That’s why a system camera is a better alternative. They have enough settings to make beautiful pictures or, when you’re a bit more experienced, even shoot in manual mode, but any beginner can easily use it without feeling overwhelmed.

Last but not least: the price of a system camera

Of course, when we discuss the benefits of a product, the price plays a big role. And that’s definitely a big plus! You can do whatever fits your budget. Most of the camera brands are producing mirrorless cameras nowadays, which gives you many choices to pick from (and forces companies in lowering the prices!). Furthermore, if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can go for a camera without a view finder or flash. Seeing that you buy the lenses separately you can start out with only one lens, and purchase more once you have saved enough money.

One article is not enough to tell you about all the benefits of a mirrorless camera. There are many, many more, but these are the three main points:

  • You can choose from a variety of different lenses.
  • It is not as difficult as a DSLR camera (but you still can do a lot with it!).
  • It comes with a nice price tag and gives you flexibility with your budget.

For any beginner or non-professional photographer, a system camera is ideal.